Tribal Support in Washington State

The Native Americans were a large tribal group spread throughout the Americas. Then, European settlers arrived and came looking for some countries with a lot of gold. Next they came across the Americas and decided to reside there, thinking there was gold. Instead, they found the Native Americans, who served them nicely and properly. Then, the European settlers got greedy and took advantage of their surroundings, resulting in many wars, deaths, and blood.

The Native Americans were very kind people to those that arrived. But the Europeans showed no respect to those who were living in America. Their only task was to get gold and bring it back to the Kings and Queens, so that the royals would give them a gift and they would become rich. Present-day Native Americans are treated with respect, but are sometimes gossiped about. Senator Murray is proud to be a voice in the United States Senate for Washington’s tribal governments and tribal people.

Senator Patty Murray is working to support Washington’s Tribes. “She is doing this by working to pass into law the Hoh Indian Tribe Safe Homelands Act to allow the Hoh Tribe to move out of a tsunami zone and floodplain, and similar legislation to ensure the Quileute Tribe can move out of a tsunami zone” (Tribes – Issues – United States Senator Patty Murray ( She is also working to help pass the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Act, which helps Native Americans get proper health. Senator Cantwell is also trying to help the Native communities in Washington.

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Senator Maria Cantwell is building tens of thousands of homes for the Native Americans in Washington State. The Seattle Chief Club is an organization to support the Native American and Alaskan communities. In King County, Native Americans have the highest poverty rate of any racial group and are seven times more likely to be homeless than whites. The finished project will include a total of 80 units, with 60 designated units for homeless families and 10 units for homeless veterans.

The Native Americans were disrespected a long time ago. Some are still disrespected now. Senators Murray and Cantwell have done a lot of things to help them, including building more housing for them. It’s best if all humans try to be kind to the Native American peoples and their community, as they were the first humans to inhabit the Americas.