Environment in Washington State

“The Earth is a Fine Place Worth Fighting For” – Ernest Hemingway

Climate change is a tremendously large problem, wrecking havoc across the earth. We need to do something to stop it before it turns our homeland into nothing but a barren, arid desert. It will reach out for all our CO2 emissions and drag them out into the atmosphere, trapping heat so that none can escape. 

Here’s how climate change works. Heat from the sun reaches into our atmosphere. Then, CO2 emissions rise up into the atmosphere. Lastly, CO2 emissions and ozone particles form a shield, trapping heat in our atmosphere and letting none escape. If only ozone particles were there, the heat would be trapped long enough to keep us warm, but then lets the heat leave for the cycle to repeat.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Representative Pramila Jayapal announced climate scientist and Dean of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington, Lisa J. Graumlich as her guest for the speech. Pramila previously stated that the Trump administration is charged toward destruction instead of rearing back up. Things might change as more and more people want to combat climate change. “The world has only warmed up because of human activity,” says Dean Graumlich. We only have a little bit more buffer time before the earth turns barren. 

The key to finding a truly healthy environment is solar energy. Solar energy is light transformed into energy. All we need to do to eliminate these CO2 emission problems is to use solar energy. Cross one thing off our list, and the world becomes a better place. Solar energy is also cost-efficient long term, so it’s definitely the way to go.

Climate change is a danger over our future earth and its inhabitants. Solar energy is the only way to stop it. If we don’t end it now, the world will be in threat from CO2 pollutants and it will turn into a desert. In conclusion, climate change is a gargantuan problem and if we don’t stop it now we may have a future danger.