Displaced Afghans

We all know how Afghans are displaced from their own country.

Afghan refugees want to escape from their country, and only by luck did some successfully escape. People are still trying to get through the airport and are wading through sewer water just to hop on to a plane. Afghan people in Afghanistan may not even get a vacation for the rest of their life. 

Refugees who have finally escaped are coming to the US in large numbers. Many of them are coming to Washington state to seek shelter in a nonviolent country. The US military is setting up camps for the refugees to stay. The people who come to the US need some kind of shelter, so that’s why they are going to the camps. They can’t buy living spaces because most of them do not have enough money. Even if they did, the number of living spaces are declining. US citizens like us need to help them, or soon the military will be struggling to keep up with the insufficient people.

Citizens like us need to do more. If we don’t act now, then the refugee number will become too much. The US government and the Afghan refugees will get overwhelmed. We need to open up living spaces to help the US government, or we need to entertain the refugees in some way to take the pressure off their head. They have so much going on at the back of their minds, and we need to make them feel the hospitality of this country.

Afghan refugees need a place to let out their feelings and leave a boring camp for a while. As more and more Afghans move to the US, people need to help them; all the military is waiting for now is what action plans the citizens are going to execute to welcome the Afghans in a safe way.