What is homelessness? Homelessness is when you literally have no home. The homeless people try to find enough money to afford small sleeping bags and enough food and water to survive throughout the seasons. Homeless people sometimes hold up signs asking for money or food if they are in a shortage. Homelessness is a large crisis in the world, and it needs to end soon.

One of the main problems in homelessness is starvation. Starvation is when someone or something doesn’t have enough food to survive. Starvation can lead to weakness, fatigue, or even fatality. Starvation for too long may cause serious suffrage. If the homeless people do not have enough food to survive, then they will suffer starvation. 

Another problem in homelessness is shelter. Without a shelter to stay safe in when the cold months and hot months begin, the homeless people may feel severe coldness or heat. Recently, Seattle went through a blistering hot heatwave and temperatures reached above 113 degrees fahrenheit. Most homeless would have had to find shelter during the heatwave, and lack of water meant bad news for them. Homeless people need to be able to find a shelter to prevent these problems getting in their way.

Homelessness could also be dangerous with the coronavirus pandemic lurking around. Homeless people do not have their own place to stay away from other people that they rightfully own. Many homeless died because of the pandemic, and others are struggling to recover. If the homeless people do not have insurance, then they need to work hard to find cheap medical support. The coronavirus is dangerous, and many homeless need to be able to afford medical insurance now.

Homelessness is a huge problem on earth, and many people are suffering and even dying because of it. Lack of food, water, shelter, and protection could lead to seriously bad complications. Some ways we can help with the issue is by donating to charities and giving the homeless the life they deserve.