How Kids Can Help Displaced Afghans In Washington

The future generations rest in youth hands. Children are the people who will be running our future generations. We need to inspire them to take righteous actions to lead the world into a good path.

Kids can help people in Afghanistan too! It’s just as easy as hosting a community drive. Drives are an impactful way for kids to take small actions and have a big impact. If you plan on hosting a food drive, then an idea for you may be to go around your community and ask people to donate. Donations for food drives are important because then the Afghan community can receive items from our citizens, potentially through IRC. 

People who drive our community are important to boost it forward. The world needs to work as a community together. Even if the Afghans are not from the USA, they are still important to us and are vital in many ways. The Afghan people need your help, and only you can make a change.