Afghans in the US

Afghans that have reached safely to the USA are struggling with problems about the basic needs. They don’t have enough food and water to pass around for 37,000 refugees. Although they get humanitarian visas, they still are struggling with basic needs. Some don’t even have enough money to go afford a house, and have to settle in army barracks, until they have stored enough.

The Afghan people need a home where they can live a hopefully peaceful life in the US. Even a small game of cards with a citizen of the US or a dinner, both can boost their spirits up. The US has a reputation for being kind and welcoming, except only the government is doing that. All the government is waiting for now is for citizens to take action plans on what to do to help the Afghans. 

The people from Afghanistan mainly took refuge in America because it has a good reputation. We can build that reputation even more just by hosting small things such as family dinners, games, and other things that will take the pressure off the Afghan’s mind.

Here is Afghanistan: