Why is President Zelensky begging for a “no-fly zone” from NATO. What are they, and why is NATO rejecting the ask? – Russia Invades

Recently, President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked NATO for a no-fly zone in areas of Ukraine. A no-fly zone is an area where planes are not allowed to fly. Zuelensky is asking for no-fly zones so that the airspace is restricted for the Russian Army to drop bombs. The no-fly zones will significantly reduce the damage Putin’s army would disperse across the country. Since the Russian army will use maily the air for dropping bombs, there would be at least a small chance of survival for the people inside of them.

Even though there have been several pleas by President Zelensky, the leaders of the West have made their decision to not put any over Ukraine, because this may enrage the Russian President and the next target will be another NATO member. If this process continues, it will turn into WWIII. This may result in a wider, more dangerous conflict. Nuclear-armed Russia may be a larger threat. NATO and President Biden have made one thing clear for sure though; patience is the only weapon they need right now. Russia’s economy will grow weaker as sanctions keep on hitting them.