I grew to Director using EveryChangeCounts.com

My kids were little and I couldn't get out much. I needed a way to build my business in little spurts (during naps & preschool time mostly).

I used EveryChangeCounts.com to build my volume to Director. The folks at Virtual Office Systems (VOS) who host EveryChangeCounts.com advertise on the web with a Shaklee specific webpage that allows consumers to request a product sample. They fill out a detailed health questionnaire which then goes into their EveryChangeCounts.com database. Read More


Imagine having instant access to literally thousands of people who have completed an extensive Online Survey (click here) and who have also given their permission (permission marketing) for you to contact them about your products. Imagine no more! It's available to you HERE and NOW! At last, there is a customer-focused system created for the sole purpose of helping Shaklee distributors sell their products to an end user. It's fun. It's simple. And it's REVOLUTIONARY. Find out more here.

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Why Do I Need Customers? What Are People Saying? How Do We Get Our Profiles?
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